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Arm Lift after Weight Loss

As people grow older and experience fluctuations in weight, the upper arms will begin to take on a drooping and sagging appearance. This effect can be even more drastic if there has been a massive weight loss in the individual. With exercise, people can improve the muscle of the upper arm, but are unable to correct the loss of elasticity in the under arm skin. With an arm lift performed by Dr. Stoker, patients are able to regain a normal and desirable appearance for their arms.

If you are looking to get rid of the sagging excess skin on your under arms, then you can take the next step and call Dr. Stoker at 310-300-1779, or request your request a consultation online.

What can an arm lift do for you?
The arm lift, also known as brachioplasty, is a surgical procedure used to reshape the under portion of an individual’s upper arm. An arm lift is an effective procedure to help patients reduce the excess skin that is located between the underarm and elbow. Dr. Stoker will also be able to reshape the arm to create a smoother contour that is toned and proportionate.

Patients that are found to be good candidates for the arm lift surgery include those that:

  • Have significant loss of elasticity in upper arm skin
  • Patients that have obtained their goal weight and are confident in maintaining a stable weight
  • Individuals that have realistic expectations for arm lift surgery
  • People that are in overall good general health
  • Non-smokers, or those willing to quit at least 2 weeks prior to surgery.

Prior to the day of surgery, Dr. Stoker will order a series of lab tests to be conducted to ensure that it is safe for you to undergo surgery. He will also advise you about the different medicine adjustments you will need to make such as stopping taking aspirin because of its effect on the blood clotting mechanism. Dr. Stoker will also discuss with you what you can expect for the day of surgery as well as what to expect in recovery. Being fully informed of what to expect can help patients to avoid any preoperative anxieties.
Arm lift surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis and you should schedule to have a family member or friend available to pick you up. It is also recommended that that person stay with you for the first night after surgery to ensure that you are getting proper care.

If you want more information about arm lift surgery after weight loss you can call Dr. Stoker’s office at 310-300-1779, or schedule your consultation online.

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