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Thigh Lift Surgery after Weight Loss

After undergoing a massive weight loss, some patients are not able to see the desired results because of the large amount of excess skin that remains. In some cases, people will have a majority of their excess skin around the thighs making it difficult to walk and hard to find complimentary clothing. With a thigh lift, Dr. Stoker is able to reduce the amount of excess skin and fat to create a smoother and more proportional thigh.

If you have struggled to regain your natural contour through diet and exercise, do not become discouraged. You can still reach your goals of a youthful and desirable body image with a surgical thigh lift.

If you think this is the procedure for you, then take the next step and schedule you consultation over the phone with one of Dr. Stoker’s friendly staff members at 310-300-1779, or request your consultation online.

Patients that are found to be good candidates for the thigh lift procedure include:

  • People that have reached their goal weight and can maintain a stable weight
  • People that have an excess of skin on their inner, medial and outer thigh
  • Individuals that can conform to a healthy lifestyle after surgery
  • Individuals that are in good general overall health
  • People that have realistic goals for the procedure

A thigh lift is simply meant to remove the access skin on the thighs and not to remove an extreme excess of fat. To remove an excess of fat, Dr. Stoker will perform the liposuction procedure. If the skin elasticity is poor and after liposuction the skin does not conform back to its natural shape, then a thigh lift will be performed in combination with the liposuction

Leading up to the procedure, patients will need to prepare by:

  • Undergoing the selected lab tests ordered by Dr. Stoker
  • Adjust certain medications
  • Avoid taking aspirin and other drugs that may increase bleeding
  • Quit smoking weeks prior to surgery

Dr. Stoker will also walk you through a list of specialized instructions so that you can be fully prepared for the procedure. He will cover topics such as what to expect on the day of surgery, the use of anesthesia during the procedure and post-operative and follow-up care. He will also discuss where the procedure will be performed being either in an accredited outpatient surgical center or a hospital.

When your procedure is completed, the wounds will be bandaged and you may be wrapped in a compression garment to help minimize any swelling. There may also be one or more small drainage tubes that are placed under the skin to rid the body of excess fluid or blood that may collect.

After the procedure it is recommended that you go to a nursing care center or have someone stay with you over night to make sure that you are getting your medications and an adequate amount of water.

If you want more information regarding the thigh lift procedure you call Dr. Stoker’s office at 310-300-1779, or request a consultation online.

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