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Body Lift After Weight Loss Surgery (Bariatric Surgery)

For patients that have undergone surgical weight loss procedures such as bariatric or lap band surgery, they may notice that the contours of their body have not changed since the weight loss. Having body lift surgery after weight loss can improve the overall tone and shape of your body by removing excess sagging skin and fat. Patients of Dr. David Stoker are looking to have their skin conform to their new body size to achieve a more beautiful appearance. Dr. Stoker is author to clinical studies on the safety of combined surgeries and is able to better the lives of his patients by removing excess skin and fat from the arms, breasts, abdominal area, thighs and buttocks.

You can set up a consultation with Dr. Stoker to see if body lift surgery after surgical weight loss is for you by calling our office at (310) 300-1779 or you can request a consultation online.

After having surgical weight loss surgery and losing a substantial amount of weight, the skin and other tissues lose their elasticity making it hard to achieve a shapely contour. The skin that has been so severely stretched is now unsupported and can cause:

  • Breasts to flatten with the nipples pointing downward
  • The hanging skin on the thighs and buttocks can cause hanging pockets of skin
  • The skin on the abdomen and sides will sag below the belt line
  • The upper arms sag and appear loose

Patients seek the assistance of body lift surgery after surgical weight loss in order to achieve a normal appearance with smoother contours of the body. In all actuality, body lift surgery is the final phase of undergoing a massive weight loss.

Good candidates for body lift surgery should be at a stable weight. Regaining weight after surgery will cause there to be a redevelopment of sagging pockets and re-stretch the skin. Other crucial aspects of being a good candidate for a body lift after weight loss surgery are:

  • Healthy people with no major medical conditions
  • Non-Smoker
  • People that are committed to continuing a healthy life style after surgery including diet and exercise.
  • People that have realistic goals in mind for their body lift surgery.

After Dr. Stoker performs body lift surgery on his patients following a massive weight loss the results are visible almost immediately. However, over the next two years after surgery the results become fully developed. Results of a body lift after weight loss are long lasting and can be maintained with a healthy lifestyle. Regaining weight puts patients at risk for compromising the results of surgery.

After Dr. Stoker completes body lift surgery, the dressings and bandages are applied to the incisions. In some cases, a drain will be places under the skin to temporarily drain excess blood and fluids. Dr. Stoker will give each patient specific individualized instructions for recovery. Patients will have several follow up appointments with the doctor to closely monitor the recovery process.

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